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Monday, December 31, 2012

Winter Break Reading

I have been really busy reading over break!  Because of bookmercials by two different students I read Mockingbird (Erskine, 2011) and loved it.  The story teaches one that everyone is different and everyone has special talents.  Caitlin has Asperger's.  Her brother, Devon, was shot in a middle school shooting rampage.  Not only does Caitlin learn lessons for "fitting in", but others learn from Caitlin, as well as the reader!  Not only is this book a great read, but would be terrific for a lit. circle or book club for grades 4 thru middle school.  The other book that I will have finished before the new year is Closed for the Season (Hahn, 2010). If you love mysteries, you will enjoy this one.  I cannot put it down.   This book was also recommended many times in bookmercials.  Logan Forbes moves into a house where an old lady was murdered because someone thought she had the money that was embezzled from a amusement park.  Arthur, the next door neighbor boy, joins Logan to solve the mystery of who killed the old lady and find the money.  The reader always is predicting while reading!  What else is on my "Winter Break Reading Bucket List"?  I have another Mary Downing Hahn book recommended to me ready to be cracked open and enjoyed!!

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