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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Interesting Social Media Site Articles to Explore

A reader of the article, "The Case for Social Media in Schools", stated that the article included good research on the topic.  This is true, and like most research, there is usually another side.  So, I searched online through Rod Library for an article or articles that would discuss the negative side.  I didn't find any articles through this research necessarily pinpointing negative impacts, but did find some articles for interesting reading:

The following article is unable to be read or printed from online:

Junco, R. (2011). The need for student social media policies. Educause Review, v 46 (1), 60-61.

The following articles can be read, downloaded, and printed from online through Rod Library:

Ferriter, W. M. (2011). Digitally speaking: Positive digital footprints. Educational Leadership, v.68 (7), 92-93.

Ferriter, W. M. (2011). Digitally speaking: Using social media to reach your community. Educational Leadership, v. 68 (4), 87-88.

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