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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Digital Storytelling

I enjoyed reading two of the three articles on digital storytelling.  One of the books that I purchased for a summer professional development read, but I haven't had an opportunity to get at the book, Make Me a Story: Teaching Writing Through Digital Storytelling by Lisa C. Miller. I chose to read Tell Me a Story (Fredricks, 2009) and Digital STORYTELLING (Adams, 2009). I had interest in this topic after seeing the book I purchased in the Stenhouse Publishers catalog. One of our literacy coaches has been doing great inquiry studies with students and then having them create a non-fiction book which is then bound and can be checked out by other students. When I took an advanced course with Promethean, one of the items shown to us was using ActivInspire for digital storytelling. I think no matter what software is used, regardless if it is iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, etc., the connection between reading and writing as well as the motivation is greatly increased! Whether the purpose is for writing or whether the purpose is for comprehension, this process is awesome to increase the learning for students. Not only are we promoting the use of technology and students have an opportunity to create a product, but we are collaborating with teachers with reading and writing skills! Even our young students can do this activity with guidance. Exploration of reading, writing, and retelling with technology? AWESOME! Now I am more than ever motivated to read through my book and check out the DVD that comes with it. I will share my reading with you in the future about the book.

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