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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Presentation Assignment

I was not stressed at all about creating a PowerPoint since this tool is the one that I use the most, besides the flipcharts for the Promethean Board.  The only two items that I needed to research was to embed a video directly into a slide and the other to research was embedding a multi-page pdf. file.  The video was simple enough once I read the information; however it is not possible to embed a multi-page pdf. file into a PowerPoint presentation except for each page shown individually and I wanted them all compiled together as one complete file to open.  So, I inserted an external hyperlink to the webpage that contains the file.

My presentation is titled "Turning On Today's Reluctant Reader".  Please note the first slide states to the user that in order to retrieve the document, Internet access must be available.  I chose to compile this presentation because I wanted a presentation I would use in the future and one that targets reading and how to assist the reluctant reader.  I will attach the PowerPoint presentation on this blog at a later time when I find a converter that retains the look of the original.

Using Prezi was very new to me, but the more I used it, the quicker I got at the skills of editing it to how I wanted it; however in order for me to see what it would look like to the viewer, I started it MULTPLE times.  I am sharing the Prezi presentation of "Turning On Today's Reluctant Readers".  http://prezi.com/hozjjacf1vro/copy-of-turning-on-todays-reluctant-readers/

 I can see where both presentation formats have their place.  It is just a matter of the purpose for the presentation.

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